Jungle Cruise - 'Skipper Jen'

A fiberglass sculpture I created as a celebration of the history and contributions of Disney.

At Adding Character we use our passion and love for the entertainment experience to create unique and compelling interactive sculptures.

Our passion is to find solutions for our clients! Whether that is concept, design, fabrication, technology, or budget.

• Characters
Life sized or bigger than life!

• Theming Elements
From simple props to complete environments!

• Interactivity
From animated props to computer controlled interactivity!

• Design
3D Dimensional Design

• CNC Element Prep
Multiaxis CNC and Foam Cutting ready to be finished or integrated into your projects

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The Nature Wonderland Rail Road Engine

The finished piece.

The Engine was then painted and aged.

The 3D model was then cut out into foam.
The foam was then hard-coated with
fiberglass and polyurea.

A 3D model was created.

The engine was researched and
reference was obtained.

A 3D model of the 1955 Jungle Cruise Boat.

A Concept Design for an animatronic stump treasure chest.

What is the Adding Character process

We can be any part of the process. We can handle a project from concept to installation or any piece in-between. If you simply need some concepting, our artists can come up with unique and amazing designs. If your looking to take a concept to design, we can complete that part of the project. If you just need some digital outputting, we are efficient and cost effective. With over 25 years of experience in the creative field we can deliver the best solutions for your project.



- Called the Blue Sky Phase, this process takes a rough idea and puts to paper the rough ideas that make them a coherent concept.


- Once a concept has been created, the design flushes out how exactly the concept will come to fruition. Once the design is completed your project is ready to move onto fabrication.


- The nuts and bolts of the creative process. We utilize our state of the art technology and years of sculpting experience to create breath-taking projects.
• Multiaxis Milling
• 4-Axis EPS Foam Cutting
• Hand Laid Fiberglass
• Molding & Casting
• Polyurea Coatings
• Concrete Finishes
• Animated Props


- We live in a time that creative elements can be more expressive than ever. This can be achieved with simple lighting as well as complex computer controlled animatronics. We can handle anything from simple movements to custom scenes and shows.

• Weigl, Gilderfluke & Others
• LED Lighting Specialist
• Skilled Animatronics Animator
• Unique and Custom Solutions!


- Nothing gets made without a budget. We will work with our clients to create the best products for the budget. We want to build your project and we always want it to be the best possible product we can deliver!

It's amazing to see a project start from a concept and then become a reality!

Adding Character was started in 2015 to deliver Cj's passion and love of art to the entertainment industry. He wanted to continue to deliver his amazing projects and branch out to a greater audience.

CJ Berg is an experienced Theming Designer and Fabrication Supervisor with a solid background in 3D animation and modeling. CJ started his creative endeavors at the early age of 12 when he began creating animated graphics for a satellite demonstration for Lockheed Corporation. CJ attended college in Santa Barbara California and began learning CAD and digital graphics. After completing his studies in Santa Barbara, CJ enrolled in a specialty Multimedia Studies Program at San Francisco State University.

After graduation, CJ worked for Mann Consulting creating 3D graphics and animations for AT&T International, Visa, Apple Computer and the films Cable Guy, Jurassic Park – Lost World, Deep Impact, Air Force One and TV's Nash Bridges. He then went to work for Surveyor Corporation and was promoted to Supervisor of the Graphics Department where he lead a group of designers creating cutting edge interactive web technology for Surveyor products. After Surveyor closed their doors, he acquired his broker's license and handled the day-to-day operations, marketing and management of their multiple real estate offices continuing to work on numerous creative endeavors.

In 2006 he began working for Daniels Wood Land in Paso Robles, California. As the supervisor for the Theming Department he is responsible for handling the design and completion of various props used for video games, TV, movies and promotions. CJ's team has created such pieces as a 20ft tall Titan for Titanfall, a life sized ridable speeder bike for Star Wars Battlefront, 15 foot bust of Eddie Murphy for the movie Meet Dave, a 40 foot reproduction of the Black Pearl for Disney, a 15 foot tall Power Ranger, a life size "Boo's Door" from Monster's Inc and thousands of other amazing pieces. Some of his art can currently be seen at Disney's California Adventure.

Giant Pumpkin
Star Wars Speeder Bike and Snow Speeder
Fake Tree Log
Boo's Door
57 Hover Car

A proven track record!

Cj Berg has worked on thousands of projects in his 10 year career building props and theming. A lot of these were with Daniels Wood Land, Inc where he lead the projects and hand built many of them.

Some Notable projects built:

• Black Pearl Facade for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Promo
• Black Pearl Reproduction for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Promo
• Giant Eddie Murphy head for Fox Studios Meet Dave
• 15ft tall Power Ranger for Saban
• 20ft tall Titan for Rethink's Titanfall
• 23ft long Titan interactive prop for Rethink's Titanfall
• 25ft long Titan interactive prop for Rethink's Titanfall
• Justice League Experience for Madame Tussauds
• Life Sized WWI Tank for Battlefield 1
• Giant 30ft tall tree for 2014 Bellagio Spring/Summer
• Monkeys, Tree and Peaches for 2016 Bellagio Chinese New Year
• X-Wing Cockpit for Star Wars Battlefront
• Speeder Bike for Star Wars Battlefront
• Snow Speeder Set for Star Wars Battlefront
• Giant Pumpkin
• Pumpkin Carriage
• Jungle Cruise Skipper
• '57 Hovercar
• Disneyland Natures Wonderland Rail Road Replica Engine
• Boo's Door interactive prop
• 20ft long pirate ship hull for a shooting gallery
• Life Sized Polar Bear Statue
• 12ft Dragon for Dragon Age
• Dante statue for Dante's Inferno
• Giant animals for Wheel of Fortune Pet Lover's Week
• 15ft long whale tail for Wheel of Fortune Sea World Week
• Alice in Wonderland bottles for Disney's California Adventure
• Italian Ruins
• World is Yours statue for Scarface Anniversary
• Star Wars props for Sketchers
• Tweety Monster Statue
• Phil's Tiki Bar for EA Minions
• 40ft long Ear of Corn Billboard
• 40ft long Ear of Corn Photo-Op
• 20ft tall Milk Bottle
• Fake feat of strength car for No Ordinary Family promo
• Real feat of strength Lexus for No Ordinary Family promo
• 8ft tall Ogre
• Monopoly Car game piece
• Mater tow truck
• Animated Bob the Builder Dizzy character for a water park
• Animatronic Toucan
• Animatronic Parrots
• Animatronic Singing Moose, Buffalo, Elk Mounts
• Reactive Paint Targets for Splatoon
• Light/Airblast Explosion Effects for Canons
• Smoke Target Effects for Laser Tag Arena
• Video effects and electronics for Ash VS Evil Dead Promo
• Numerous Animatronic Designs for Shooting Galleries